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YD-200W1 Howler Siren&Speaker System
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Type:YD-200W1 Howler Siren&Speaker System


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2*100W Howler Low Frequency Tone Siren and Speaker System from China


An effective added layer of warning when used with your 100/200 watt siren amplifier. Howler provides deep, low frequency tones, which are able to penetrate other vehicles, alerting drivers and pedestrians of your approach. Howler is not a replacement to the vehicle's primary siren; Howler adds a minimum eight second penetrating burst of low frequency siren sound for use in heavy traffic, intersections or other high ambient noise conditions.

1.Howler is an add-on to any 100/200 watt siren amplifier and is not a replacement to the vehicles primary siren

2.Uses low frequency tones to synchronize with the vehicles primary siren tones

3.Includes low frequency siren amplifier and speaker(s)

4.Works with any sweeping, Hi/Low, or electronic mechanical tones generated by the primary siren

5.Certain vehicle models may utilize single or dual speaker systems