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Trading Services

Trading Profile

Our LED car lights continue to be introduce advanced production equipments and technology to meet a large number of productivity. We have one owned factories and a network of many factories, the majority of them having worked with us for more than 8 years.

We possess professional expertise, high quality production and excellent professional services to win a higher demand and widespread appraisal by customers at home and abroad. 


Product Portfolio
Police and traffic equipment divisioní»s main product is the development, design and production of warning lights, traffic light, siren, speaker and personal protective equipment.


Integrated Supply Chain
We established a lasting and stable relations of cooperation with a number of suppliers, with reasonable cost control, we have a competitive advantage. 


We provide OEM services to our customers worldwide. 


Quality Control
Our company had the full implementation of environment and quality management system, the products have received international certification. 



From the very beginning of materials to the finished products, we have professional QC staff to test strictly and ensure the best quality for our clients


Inspection and Documentation
We have inspection stations for every step of the production, Strict control of non-conformity and proposed corrective measures back to the production line and retesting. 


We can decide after negotiating with each other. 


Minimum Order and Delivery
We offer flexible orders and prompt delivery. 


Management and Staff
The management and employees working together to produce high-quality products. 


We have employees are good at communicating and writing in English. 


Major Buyers


Emergency Vehicle manufacturers

Automobile repair plant

The traffic police department



Own brand, PARZ 


Our LED lamps continue to introduce advanced production equipments and technology to meet the greater market demands.


Professional and technical skills, quality of product, excellent professional services favored by customers at home and abroad and has won widespread appraisal. 


Export/Import Processing Support
Our approach to manufacturing utilizes ISO9001-certified quality system, material sourcing system, center for quick response, integration of manufacturing and engineering and in-house professional trained staff. 


After Sales Service
Our effective and efficient information feedback center keeps its eyes on all customer\'s comment.
Inquiries or other questions will be answered within 24 hours. 





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