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Led Light pale light of the helplessness and the heat


Led Light is the new energy saving lighting worthy of the king, just a few years time, will be known, even to a hot market, causing unrest. Market hot, hot so helpless and unfortunately pale. On Led lighting, how many of the good news once again filled with a large Web site headlines, the impact on people's eardrums, only now and then people will be so persistent "crying wolf" to get the in Estonia.

We tried to understand the principles of energy saving Led Light:

1, the maximum energy into light energy; 2, make the most suitable for human visual senses light.

When we put Led Light lights and the relative ratio of the traditional energy-saving lamps, we can very clearly make judgments, Led Light lamp is energy efficient. Having said that, we all believe that energy conservation can not can it?

Let's look at the existence of the current Led Tube lighting the main problems affecting the market: heat dissipation, life issues, weight problems, efficiency, light problem, price. These six questions, in fact, come from the principle of energy saving lighting Led Light link.

First, since the heat dissipation problem exists, it shows Led Light lighting and did not light into a light as possible, even worse than ordinary fluorescent lamps.

Second, since the Led Light of the producing heat high enough to affect the cooling point of view, the temperature can be seen the general. About Led Light source, what kind of material to withstand heat up to tens of thousands of hours of baking? Of course the existence of such high quality material, but the price would be prohibitive.

Third, on the life issue is very simple, Led Light chips the heat will affect the life span of Led Light source itself, leading to lumen; In addition, the lamp will affect Led Light PCB driver board life.

Fourth, precisely because the heat generated Led Light lights big, it needs cooling. Lighter than plastic, metal, thermal conductivity is much better, but also much more cumbersome;

5, light perception, in fact, is not a fatal flaw lighting Led Light. Led Light low consumption lighting products in the case, the reason a lot of heat in the issue can appear after relatively light, this is because the light emitted Led Light relatively easy to stimulate people's visual senses, but this light is too strong, but spend more quality lampshade, or baffle, or would resolve much of the glare of the problem;

6, on the prices, read the first five, the natural self-evident.

Led Light lighting, energy saving is not that a report on the matter, the key is to make consumers feel that affordable and reliable Caixing.

"Hot" word lighting in Led Light what a sensitive area, a "hot" word, exhausted by the number of enterprises, the number of consumers confused neurotic. Lighting in Led Light, China Led Light product on the market the brand could get almost no shot. The reason is simple, can not solve the "hot" issue.

China Professional Led Light lighting companies appear to many, in fact, in addition to rectangular lighting, Neo-Neon is right on the name of the dozens of other companies, most of the unknown name of small business are edge ball. In fact, the entire Chinese market perspective, Led Light lighting capacity is not large enough to prop up consumption in China more than a billion people, so Led Light "fire" the. How long can the fire? To how the fire kind of way to go? This is the number of Led Tube Lighting Led Light Company and the soon involved in the lighting industry must face. Lighting Products Led Light from the above six questions, we can easily see, put in Led Light emergency lighting industry's largest problem is "hot", not "heat"!

In fact, Led Light lighting products in Europe and America may not have much advanced, nor their lighting energy saving Led Tube on Gaode burgeoned. However, there are mountains of technical people, you do not want development they want to play the source of advanced technology, that people on the "play" you.

Led Light Lighting root of the problem is that chip. China Led Light enterprises are still thought of as the heat issue distress, really feel bad. Chip is not a fundamental solution to heat problems, can not be resolved naturally packaged, processed and then consider how heat, only after another to solve a "standard", but can not solve the "specimen"!
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