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Lampin into Led Light lighting


2010 Fourth Suzhou International Exhibition on Green Light on Sept. 3 at the Suzhou International Expo Center, the exhibition brings together 28 countries, more than 600 manufacturers, global new energy-saving technologies and environmentally friendly products. Lampin variety of lighting products to bring high-profile appearance at the show, the exhibition area of 258 square meters, the maximum for the current exhibition, which fully shows the Lampin lighting in Led Light industry confidence and show its mettle determination. Lampin lighting of "healthy low-carbon technology" concept, to create Led Light lighting industry benchmark brand, to become the biggest dark horse of this exhibition.

Lampin to create a unique mode of development of the industry

The stunning lighting show appearance Lampin is no doubt that Lampin has officially enter the high-profile Led Tube lighting industry. Some may feel a sudden jump from the car Lampin how suddenly Led Light lighting industry? In fact, for Lampin, the access to the custom jewelry industry is the result of careful consideration, more like a natural. In addition to the development prospects of the industry than gratifying, Lampin naturally have good reason, the precipitation of accumulated expertise, the mutual penetration of high related industries, strong financial backing are all Lampin advantage. At the same time, vertical integration has been a proud magic Lampin, Lampin successful model of inheritance existing industries and create a unique Led Light Lighting Lampin development model.

At present, China Led Light industry structure are concentrated in the application package and downstream links, the core chip technology to master Led Light is not much business. Lampin has a strong R & D team epitaxial wafers, epitaxial Led Light has mastered the core technology processes and accessory packages, circuits, optical, thermal, mechanical pieces of technology, industry is not only related to the epitaxial growth, chip packaging, also entered the lighting products applications, a complete industrial chain for the sustainable development of Lampin lighting and technical innovation to provide a solid foundation, it is difficult for enterprises of other jade jewelry available. Can be predicted, the advantage of Lampin lighting products will be fully reflected in the cost control and technical capabilities, consumers can use a lower cost health Led Light lighting products.

Lampin lighting start the first round of investment projects

Lampin to the audience to participate in the largest area of Suzhou International Lighting Fair in addition to that into the Led Tube industry, but also officially launched the first round of investment projects Lampin lighting. Lampin booth located in Hall A4 at the center, the overall design simplicity, the main green tone, simple but not simple, causing many viewers stopped to visit, live Lampin staff also issues related to the visitors to give detaiLed answers . It is understood that Lampin high-quality lighting products in their investment projects, improved product line and various aspects of this performance to get the site more than dealers, and some direct Zai site Qianding the intentions Cooperation Xie Yi. Lampin said the follow-up Lampin Led Light lighting products will gradually established through the sales outlets for the market. Jade Wholesale Lampin lighting adhere to customer-oriented, will continue to cost reduction and quality enhancement, determined to facilitate the promotion of fourth-generation lighting and more consumers can use to contribute to the health of the lighting.

Lampin Open Led Light healthy low-carbon lighting times

As people gradually required to upgrade the quality of life, health has become an important issue. Lampin made a healthy living ,-,x,‾ philosophy: "-" a minute wasted, "" a sub-Green, "‾" one point pollution, "x" on health. Jade bracelets to promote the new lifestyle and healthy living habits, admired the green housing, green travel, green living. The lighting, as an indispensable part of modern life, Lampin lighting and comprehensive attention to health, make Lampin "Light Health": only mercury-free, no UV, no strobe lighting is the true health of the lighting, The previous generations of lighting products simply can not meet the real health standards.

Lampin Led Light low carbon lighting comprehensive health promotion and environmental protection products already certified by a number of authorities, including the EU energy efficiency certificate (ERP), the American market Compulsory Certification (FCC), the EU Compulsory Certification (CE), China Compulsory Certification (3C), the United States and North American product safety certification (UL), International Electrotechnical Certification (CB), etc., is particularly worth mentioning is that Lampin Led Light products that passed the IEC/EN62471 standard tests of biological health and safety certification The results for the harmless exemption level, indicating that products fully comply with health standards; and the harsh conditions of the EU energy efficiency certification ERP, and access to A-level is the highest energy efficiency levels that are very energy-saving environmental protection products. Lampin Led Tube Lighting Products health environmental protection, low-carbon fashion, durable energy to meet consumer demand.

It is worth mentioning that Lampin lighting display a full range of this Led Light lighting products are no other types of energy-saving lamps. Lampin committed to the highest standard of health into the lighting industry, to promote the health of low-carbon lighting and made unremitting efforts to promote!

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