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Frequently asked questions about LED lights


1, What is LED.
Answer: light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device to emit visible light when current passes through a special diode.

2, LED can emit any color of light?
Answer: Most are monochromatic. Light color and light wavelength. LED semiconductor materials issued by various different wavelengths of light. LED wavelengths of light emitted is 400 nm (blue) to 800 nm (red). LED in the market, generally the color of red, orange, amber, yellow, green, blue and white.

3, light emitting diodes can be used to replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent tubes?
Yes, no. LED has gradually have many different applications, to replace the old incandescent bulbs. Examples include: a variety of electronic devices LED lights, such as mobile phones, computers, car dashboard panel, LCD back lighting, Christmas decorations and holiday seasonal LED , LED traffic signs and other LED signs LED flashing lights, and so on. Since the existing restricted brightness light-emitting diodes, in most cases, they can not be used to replace incandescent or fluorescent lamps for general lighting purposes.

4, compared with traditional incandescent LED lights What are the advantages?
Answer: Some of the obvious advantages over incandescent lamps, see the following:
Low - Energy
EL Lighting
Small size, light weight
Quick conversions
Easy to use

5, the LED's advantage in the detailed description?
Yes. Currently there are more than incandescent bulbs, LED energy efficiency, but lower than the fluorescent lamps in the same light output. LED power consumption generally ranges from 30 MW to 200 MW.
People can use the light-emitting diodes to replace incandescent decorative bulb equivalent to save money and energy. LED10 million hours rated average working life of the equivalent of a one thousand hours of incandescent bulbs. Luminescent LED work issued by a very small quantity of heat generated from the LED for the fire risk to security than the equivalent of more than incandescent bulbs. Unlike incandescent light LED as the time to be heated filament. LED lighting lamps is due to energy exchange occurs in the production of different LED semiconductor material. LED usually a solid transparent plastic material as protection, so they are usually made of glass sealed than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs more robust. AC voltage light-emitting diodes can be used or DC voltage. The circuit needed to drive the appropriate LED lights to be simpler than incandescent.

6, the problem: we already know the LED lights than incandescent and fluorescent lamps so many advantages, it has and which are the disadvantages?
Answer: Yes, the most important drawback is that LED light output restrictions. Issued a limited number of existing LED light in a relatively small angle range, and incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs in all directions and give more brightness.
This is why LEDs can not currently used for general lighting applications.
The second significant drawback is the expensive LED. Existing LED on the market price equal to 3-10 times that of incandescent bulbs. This is why some clients still hesitant to buy the LED light products because, even though there are so many obvious advantages of LED over incandescent and long-term use of LED products that people can actually save money.

7, the question: what most consumers in the use of LED products?
A: Most LED products available in volume in the market to a variety of decorative lamps for LED products. And in fact, they are ideal to replace the traditional incandescent decorative lighting products, as compared to incandescent products, the LED products save up to 95% of energy, have longer working time, more rugged and dangerous fire and risk of electric shock has become more secure. At present, people can buy a beautiful string of LED lights, LED rope light, LED icicle strings, and single color of LED lights, LED lights, and more other LED products in the near future will be put into the market.

8 Question: We note that connection in the LED and incandescent light strings string similar terms, but in reliability is how to compare the two it?
LED's are more reliable. LED light string can have up to series configuration as the old incandescent light strings, light strings in series with each other, so the LED lights will never be disconnected from the string so that the whole string like incandescent strings off. However, the situation appears lamp burned, a incandescent light bulb will never burn, that is, the filament of incandescent bulbs burn out, so the pattern will always be broken, and disconnect the LED lights or incandescent bulbs burn burn like a short circuit where the formation of internal light-emitting diode, LED lighting, burned so will stop, but all the other LED string is still normal. LED burn time is usually short, so in this respect is more reliable than incandescent LED.

9 Are there LED lights are better than the other lines in series it?
Yes, there. Various LED Linear LED on the market than the series more reliable. We use a unique patented string connection configuration to ensure that the LED strings or one or several of the LED can still work off the string while maintaining low prices and all the features completely.

10, why some colors than other colors of LED LED price expensive?
Answer: The reason is that different semiconductor materials for different colors of LED, semiconductor materials, and some other more expensive compared to the other reason is that manufacturing costs are different. White LED is the most expensive, because the white LED is made of red, green and blue LED hybrid manufacturing.


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